October 26, 2006

how to install chm on linux

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I had some tutorials from a friend. But all the files were having a .chm extension. so i couldn’t view them with my linux system. i decided to google and i realised that it was a micrsoft format. But i also found out that i can have a similar program to view thm on linux. The package name is XCHM.

how to install chm == xchm on ubuntu anddebian.

sudo apt-get install xchm.


Laptop, Again and Again!!

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I just moved into a new hostel on campus and so decided to get some of my hostel mates grazy about linux. So i just felt like setting a small server with my laptop. Just decided to get all the necessary packages so that my hostel mates will use my system as a web, mail servers at least so that they would feel the real power of linux. And also wanted to host quit a lot of tutorials for my hostel mates.

Just in the process of grabbing the packages, my dell latitude c610 screen decided to fade out. and now i cant see a single word on the screen when i switch it on. Now the laptop is just not doing anything again. This is the second time this is happening to me. my laptop again and again.

October 17, 2006

xampp and openwebmail configuration

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Hmm, one might wonder why i am posting this at this time. After i have managed to get xampp and openwebmail to work, the networking administrator for University of Cape Coast encouraged me to write this small stuff so that my collegues would also have access it easily. This is actually my first tutorial and i hope it would help alot of people out there. Anyway i choose xampp bcos i wanted a simple functional and easy to setup system with apache, mysql, php and other stuff runing without doing so much. and also openwebmail as a mail client bcos that was what my schoo required.

1. download xampp from http://www.apachefriends.org/en/xampp-linux.html and install with this command tar xvfz xampp-linux-1.5.4a.tar.gz -C /opt.

2. do cd /opt/lamp to see all the files with the lamp program.

3. all configuration files for the lamp are kept at /opt/lamp/etc including httpd.conf which is the apache webserver configuration. the web files or your website itself is under cd /opt/lamp/htdocs.

3. within the /opt/lamp/etc/httpd.conf with the help of an editor, change the servername and documentroot to meet your needs.

4. test your new apache server by opening a browser. i use mozilla. http://localhost or http://ipaddress or http://domainname


1. download openwebmail which is a mail client from http://www.openwebmail.org/openwebmail/download/ follow the link on the openwebmail site to configure it.

2 it must be kept in the /opt/lamp/cgi-bin.

3. create an alias within the /opt/lamp/etc/httpd.conf for the openwebmail


October 16, 2006

openwebmail starts to work again.

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Emm. since ma first time….

The schools server on which i am working run into problems for the

past few days and i had to get things runing back. I needed to install mysql and things were not going right. And so i had to get xampp from http://www.xampp.org which comes with mysql, apache, php and etc. After getting mysql which comes with xampp to work cool, openwebmail also decides to sleep. So today i had to get it runing back. Is really been a very hectic day for me.

Hello world!

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