about egoleo

George Gyau, known as “eGoleo” in the cyber world, is a student and a computer programmer who enjoys exploring the internet, studying new human languages expecially asian languages, reading, programming and sharing the fruit of his dummy experience with others. Hej, not forgotten my cup of cafe. I am a computer programmer. My own interest in computing got me into the study of computer science, which at the moment i am in my third year. Before then i had done a lot of studies through great friends, Lorenzo and Atkins who is being of great help to me. Currently, as i said studying, i also spent most of my time studying the chinese language, reading browsing, exploring the great power of linux and designing websites. Ahh, my first computer…it was dell 486 computer, which i thought to bark, sit and play games. My dell 486 computer which helped me to get into programming also helped me into all sorts of mischief! So i guess it was only natural from that point that would pursue computers as a career. As much as i yern to get myself a new machine, i also try to avoid myself sometimes, because i all day working with them. My first contact with the internet was in 1996 through a friend. From that time i became more and more fascinated with the internet, both as an information resource and as a means of reaching out to friends. Linux, my first contact with linux was through a great linux fella, Lorenzo when i was exploring for a better computer operating system. Since then, its been then the system of choice.



  1. hey George “Java” what’s up?
    The name is kofi Boakye,one of the LOSC members.Anywayz just wanted to holla at ya and ask if anything interesting is happening.Also went last saturday to the AITI LINUGS meeting.I think its nice cos they got free access to work on these fine pcs.men imagine if our members at LOSC ,cape could get access like this.It would really make the meetings interesting and not just kinda theoretical.Hope to c u at one of the meetings.Later

    Comment by kofi boakye — July 12, 2007 @ 1:09 pm

  2. George,
    Hope everytin is kul. Well UCC is fine and we are all doing well. Whatz new that you think I ashould know?

    Comment by wahehe — June 1, 2008 @ 7:45 pm

  3. u hav all this knwlge and u re not adding them as features on newsafrican.why? atart ASAP!NOW!!

    Comment by nii mantse aryeh — July 22, 2008 @ 12:27 pm

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