July 31, 2008

Changing Server Timezone On Ubuntu

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Is amazing how sometimes such small issues on linux can frustrate a linux user.

I’m currently reconfiguring a machine on the other side of the globe, so I want to get it to work to IST instead of EST.

A quick google brought up a rather complex way of doing it which sounded really complex to me, so I refined my query and found the same solution in the Ubuntu documentation.

Simply run the following command as root (or using “su”):
sudo dpkg-reconfigure tzdata

And just follow the instructions.

No silly reboots or other craziness required.

To keep your server’s time in sync with the rest of civilisation setup a cronjob to poll an ntp server once every 24 hours:
/usr/sbin/ntpdate yourfavouritentpserveraddress

Problem solved 🙂


July 15, 2008

Adeona, free Laptop-Tracking System

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Adeona is the first Open Source system for tracking the location of your lost or stolen laptop that does not rely on a proprietary, central service. This means that you can install Adeona on your laptop and go — there’s no need to rely on a single third party. What’s more, Adeona addresses a critical privacy goal different from existing commercial offerings. It is privacy-preserving. This means that no one besides the owner (or an agent of the owner’s choosing) can use Adeona to track a laptop. Unlike other systems, users of Adeona can rest assured that no one can abuse the system in order to track where they use their laptop.


July 14, 2008

The server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration

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I encountered the following error when I uploaded an existing site to a new server.

The server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was unable to complete your request.

The problem was the .htaccess file. I deleted the .htaccess and the web server worked again.

Subsequently, I recreated the file directly on the server using vim and the server still worked, I think therefore the problem was likely to be an issue with DOS carriage returns / line feeds versus what the Linux server expected.

Several tools exist on the web to help create .htaccess files online, but generally any text editor will work. Do be sure to test your site thoroughly after making an adjustments to the .htaccess file.

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