May 27, 2008

Installing Ubuntu7.10 on Acer4520

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System Specs
Acer Aspire 4520
AMD64 Athlon X2
Nvidia GeForce 7000M
160 Gig
802.11b/g WLAN
1Gig DDR2

I have been trying for the past weeks since i had this laptop with
the above specs to run ubuntu7.10 but all failed. So i finally got myself
into runing 7.04 rather. But have finally gotten a way to run 7.10 on it and
this is how i did it.

I realised that anytime i installed the 7.10 and i reboot, it hangs at the splashcreen and so for some reason i felt it might be the menu.lst file so edited couple of times but nothing happened. so WHat i finally did was to get the 7.04 ubuntu cds and install and upgrade that to 7.10. And that worked. But when i upgraded the kernel to the original one used by 7.10, i got the same splashscreen hanging again. So i kept the upgrade on but now uses the 7.04 kernel rather instead of the 7.10 kernel which still works fine for me.

But after that, it wasnt all dont since it could not detect some of my hardware devices like the wireless and vga card.

1. to fix the X.

I used the ubuntu livecd and mounted the installed my root(/) partition to get aaccess to xorg.conf file. commands below.

> mkdir /media/system
> mount /dev/sda1 /media/system

The above could be different for you. i mean the mount points

> cd /media/system
> vim etc/X11/xorg.conf

Once you are in this file, look for this lines

Section “Device”
Identifier “nVidia Corporation NVIDIA Default Card”
Driver “nvidia”
BusID “PCI:0:18:0”

change the “Driver nvidia” part to “Driver vesa” instead and save and
reboot without the livecd.

2. how to fix sound too
simple first download the packages from the below site and copy them into one folder



you need one of the c libraries and curses libraries for this i guess you are done with adding extra repositories if not message me i will explain

open the terminal and fire the following
sudo synaptic

and next search for g++ library

after that search for curses library for c

after this automatically done by the synaptic

go the folder where you have downloaded the packages and extract each and everything like below

> tar xjf alsa-(name of the package)

after extarcting just type this

> cd alsa-(extracted package)


> ./configure


> make


> sudo make install

do the above for all packages u just downloaded from the above link.
and afterward just reboot ur machine. u should hear sound now 🙂

3. howto fix wireless

Before we start, we have to make sure that MadWifi drivers don’t get loaded at boot, since we could have a conflict between the two. You can do this typing this:

blacklist ath_pci

in /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist file or by using the restricted driver manager:

> vim /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist

Install ndiswrapper
> sudo apt-get install ndiswrapper
> sudo apt-get install ndisgtk

you can also install ndisgtk or use synaptic instead of the console

after, download the Atheros driver
form this link http://www.atheros.cz/download.php?atheros=AR5006EG&system=1
anyway that is the link i used in getting mine to work.

afterwards you need to unzip the file just downloaded from the link

Install the .inf file in ndiswrapper, using ndisgtk or the command
> sudo ndiswrapper -i net5416.inf
from the unzipped file

Save ndiswrapper module configuration files by issuing the command:
> sudo ndiswrapper -ma && sudo ndiswrapper -mi

You can now reboot and bravo. u can check to see u should be done now.



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